9mobile’s Moreblaze lets you experience true browsing freedom

Whether you’re a content creator, student, small business owner, or CEO, we all have data needs.
Sometimes, these data needs are very urgent; a quick check on Google during a class presentation, booking an Uber for a meeting you are running late for, or uploading a video review for a product. Whatever the need is, you need a reliable data network.
Introducing moreblaze by 9mobile

Moreblaze is a data service that allows savvy individuals to go beyond physical barriers that might limit them, and experience best-in-class browsing experience. With moreblaze you will enjoy truly faster and better service.
This data service is available as data plans, smartpaks smartphone offers, time-based plans and video streaming plans.
Interestingly, moreblaze has plans for as low as N50 and as high as N110,000. What this means is that there is something for everyone. Moreblaze is also already being billed as the most consistent and highest quality data service in the Nigerian telecoms industry today.

Speaking on the data service, VP Marketing, Adebisi Idowu, 9mobile, said, “With this campaign, we are doing more than selling a product. As a customer-focused brand, 9mobile is focused on empowering subscribers — actual and potential, with the freedom to choose. Moreblaze enables Nigerians to choose how they want to browse, when they want to browse, and for how long; without compromising on speed or quality of the connection.”
So, are you in need of a reliable, super-fast and yet affordable internet service? Subscribe to any of 9mobile’s moreblaze data plans and experience speed like never before.
What are you waiting for? Dial *200*3# to enjoy the MoreBlaze experience or learn more.

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