Hell Doesn’t Exist – Pope Francis Says That

Leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, Pope Francis has revealed that hellfire does not exist.
According to Pope Francis, the evil doers will disappear from the world.
“There is no hell where the souls of sinners suffer in eternity”, Pope Francis he told Eugenio Scalfari, a 93-year-old atheist philosopher, today, during a conversation in the Vatican.
Francis said:
“after death, the souls of people who repent are pardoned by God and join in his contemplation, “but those who do not repent, and therefore cannot be pardoned, disappear.”
“Hell does not exist – what exists is the disappearance of sinful souls,” he added
The pope was interviewed by Eugenio Scalfari, a veteran Italian journalist and atheist who regularly muses about faith and religion, and enjoys access to the leader of the Catholic Church.
In the past, the veracity of quotes he attributed to the pope has been called into question, especially after the 93-year-old Scalfari admitted to never using a tape recorder during interviews.
However, the Vatican has never complained about Scalfari’s work, and Francis has continued giving interviews to him.


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