NFM Special S/Out: Happy Birthday To Tiphyz Ibile

wish you a thousand years
Thousands of great vernissages
and a thousand on paper,
a thousand zealous patrons,
all very submissive and rich,
a thousand art ideas, beautiful,
a thousandfold luck, now!
Thousand are roaring your days,
change everything, just not you,
the situation is constantly changing
just not this

Do not celebrate the time that passes but spend your time feasting. Happy Birthday !!!

You’re not old, you’re vintage! happy Birthday !

The number of years is of no importance, what matters is to have as much as possible … and if time runs away, it is better to flee with him.

If you want to be happy for a day, choose a meeting. Happy for a week, chose a lover. Happy for a lifetime, keep me as a friend! 

Happy Birthday Papi May Your Days Belong (Oluwatobiloba Tiphyz)

Courtesy :- Emperor Oluwani (Naijaframe Media Inc) 


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