My boobs are small, but perform mighty things – Actress Feyisara Hassan

They may not be big but they are very special. They are one of the most beautiful parts I love in my body.
Controversial Nollywood actress, Feyisara Hassan is just one of the actresses in the movie industry who don’t hold back their words and always seem to pour out their mind without any thought on how the words are being taken by others.
The actress in a new interview stated that though she has small boobs, but they both do mighty things.
Feyisara Hassan who is both daring with her words and her actions, recently had tongues wagging over some hot, daring and sexy pictures she released to celebrate her 26th birthday which took place on April 26, 2018.
The actress, who has produced many films of her own caught the eyes of many and shook the social media with one which had her waist-up and all-bare, save for some strands of hair covering her boobs.
Seeing the buzz she caused with the picture, Potpourri went after her to tease her why she should be causing so much commotion with her small boobs.
“ Yes they are small but mighty,” she replied with a smile.
“ They may not be big but they are very special. They are one of the most beautiful parts I love in my body. Medium boobs and sexy are more attractive than the big ones. All kinds of boobs are good though but mine are more attractive and sexy,” she added.
If you recall, the actress once mentioned in an interview in 2017 that it is better to be a baby mama than being a wife.
When asked what came make her become a babymama, she said:
“What most people don’t know is that being a babymama is even better than being a wife. Frankly, I am not against any woman opting to be a babymama, in fact I believe it is good and more peaceful. Being a babymama you enjoy the father of your baby more than if he were your husband. .
You can have access to him whenever and wherever you want without any family pressures or restrictions. When you are a wife, there are limitations and restrictions and there’s little room for heartaches.
More women are opting to be babymamas because their lives are more peaceful and enjoyable.”

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