DOES HE DESERVE TO BE A KING?? Check Out Top Five Controversial Moments Of Oluwo Of Iwoland (No 5 Is Too Bad)

DOES HE DESERVE TO BE A KING?? Check Out Top Five Controversial Moments Of Oluwo Of Iwoland (No 5 Is Too Bad)


Oluwo of Iwoland is one of the most popular and talk about king presently in Nigeria.

Iwoland is located in Osun State and The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi Ranked Fourth Most Powerful Oba In Osun State After Ooni Of IfeOwa Obokun of ijeshaLand and Oragun Of Okeila.

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1. Rivalry with the Ooni of Ife:

The Oluwo and Ooni of Ife were known to be close friends before their ascension on their individual thrones. Soon after that, Oluwo raised a committee, which he sent to Ife to study the historical background of Iwo. Not long after, Oluwo claimed that Iwo Princes have the right to become the Ooni of Ife.

This did not go down well with the Ooni of Ife. This led to a fierce feud between the duo that almost led to a physical face-off between the kingship retinue of both monarchs at the event. Oluwo has reportedly to be constantly disrespecting both the personality of Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi and the Oonirisa stool.

2. Leading Eid Prayer:

In what took everyone by surprise. Oluwoshocked the congregation at the Iwo Central Praying Ground on Eid-el Fitri day, led the two-rakah naflat marking the end on Ramadan in 2016.

This was widely criticized as many see it as a desecration of Islam for a Yoruba king, who many believed to be majorly traditionalists, fetish, involved in rituals and idolatry to be leading Islamic prayers.

3. Crowning of his Queen:

In what perhaps is the most condemned controversy the Oluwo of Iwo has been enmeshed in, soon after his coronation, Oluwocrowns his Queen, Chanel Chin and that’s perhaps the first time in the contemporary world that a King will be crowning his Queen. Oluwo in defending his action said he did that in accordance with the practice of the Progenitor of Yoruba race, Oduduwa, who he claimed also crowned his wife, Oloku.

This was widely condemned, with many accusing the Oluwo of distorting history. It became a major topic across Nigeria.

4. Divorcing his Queen:

Late last year, Oluwo officially announced that he has broken up with his erstwhile Jamaican born wife, Chanel Chin.

According to Oluwo, the divorce is as a result of the individual differences between the two of them, this came to people by surprise as Oluwohas always adored, cherished and flaunt his ex-queen. Soon after, both Oluwo and his estranged Queen took to their respective social media accounts to lampoon themselves.

This is another of the too numerous controversies Oluwo has been involved in.

5. Punching his fellow King:

In the latest controversy making wave about the Oluwo. The ancient Iwo king was alleged of physically assaulting his fellow King, the Agboowu of Ogbagbaa at a peace meeting called at the Police instance.

While there has been back and forth on this issue, with Oluwo denying beating the Agboowu, it is certainly one of the most significant controversy the Oluwo has been involved in, minding the fact that he has been suspended by the Osun Council of Obas and he has received strong bashing from people in and out of the country and it remains, unseen where the current imbroglio involving the Oluwo will end.

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